1 December 2015. That was when a woman known as Veronica Bain contacted us. She had an air to her that screamed “professional,” but the face of a beauty, like a siren. She was a higher-up in a conglomerate of sorts, a mega company that owned CC Corp—by extension, she was in the highest position at CC Corp. From my own research, I discovered that ALTIMIT and certain parts of the NAB had ties to this conglomerate as well.

Investigating this conglomerate led me to the entity known as "mama." Officially designated by the FBI as an eco-terrorist group, they seem to have far-reaching influence in many organizations. The exact particulars of their operations are unknown, and I was not able to find out anything that I couldn’t have through declassified FBI documents and my own research as a civillian.

The R.A. Plan that Jyotaro Amagi and I had worked hard on—it was to be seized by Mama.

I am writing this as a final goodbye to you, my dearest sister. There is still one last burden I will impose upon you.

I am entrusting you with two things: the copy of Tarvos I took from Amagi, and his login credentials to Mama’s database. During the short period Bain worked with us, Amagi was entrusted with more classified information than I for his status as director of the R.A. Plan. To them, I was a lackey. He was allowed access to classified files on matter-to-light theory left behind by Harald Hoerwick. I fear Amagi might be working with them in full earnestness now. I managed to find some of this info on his own personal computer, and so I will give you his login details, in hopes they may still work by the time you receive this.

username: j.amagi
password: ayaka

Tarvos is also located on this drive. It must be destroyed. Do you understand? If Mama gets a hold of it and initiates the R.A. Plan, they will create a false goddess. If Mama realizes Project Twilight under these conditions… the results would be catastrophic.

Project Twilight, of course, is their main goal. I am not sure what it entails, but I know that both the goddess they intend to create and that matter-to-light theory are involved. He had specifically been asked to perfect it, something I think only Harald Hoerwick is capable of. Jyotaro Amagi is a genius, yes, but if Amagi is Einstein then Hoerwick is Mozart—there is an artistry to that man’s work that cannot be replicated by anyone else.

As for the login, you will find the identities of all Mama members, and perhaps more.

Reiko, did you know? I’ve seen God.

He was pale. His tone was both sad and warm. Like He had known extreme pain and extreme happiness.

When He spoke, you could hear His distrust in humanity. I had never felt so guilty in my life. I felt as though we were dancing on a dead man’s grave.

I love you, Reiko. Goodbye.