The year was 2020. At the same time, the year was 2018.
Flugel watched two warriors fight a huge amalgamation of corrupted data. In this era, in this time, it was the end of The World R:2. Huge network strain following the Epitaph Users’ victory against Cuba was taking its toll on the network game.

“What… is that?”
A girl’s voice spoke out next to him.

“Klarinette, stand back. This thing is beyond any specifications. Its data is changing every second.” Flugel was torn between gating out and observing the fight. The specifications of the monster were immeasurable by any traditional means, which made it simultaneously ripe for investigation and extremely dangerous. Flugel’s scientific desires conflicted with his survival instinct—the collision between a Schicksal PC and a monster like this would be completely unpredictable, and Flugel didn’t want to find out first hand what it was like.

Klarinette charged ahead while Flugel was lost in thought.


Before he could intervene, she was struck by one of the limbs eternal of the beast. Klarinette was kicked from the server as a result, likely suffering offline shock.

The Terror of Death and The Rebirth dealt the final blow. The beast disappeared, leaving nothing behind.

Its name: Vegalta.