The Black Forest is a farm of quantum computers located in San Diego, California, that served as the prototype (Digital Bastille). It is a joint project between Mama and HONJO PHARMACEUTICALS.

A quantum computer utilizes quantum mechanical formula such as superposition and entanglement. The key difference between a quantum computer and traditional binary digital electronic computers are their capabilities to store data beyond sequences of 1s and 0s through superpositions of states. Theoretical research was laid down by Paul Benioff and Yuri Manin in 1980 and further developed by David Deutsch in 1985 following the establishment of Mama.


The original Black Forest model consists of one thousand quantum computers physically networked within a larger shell. The CyberConnect Corporation’s Netdome arena was built for this purpose, as it houses the computers underneath the plot of land. This model has begun mass production and construction in stadiums around the world, as displayed on the following map:

The Black Forest is designed to connect with the Digital Transfer System and network around the world. More information can be found in the DTS’ design document.


The Black Forest is designed to utilize a live bio-element, namely the processing power of multiple human brains. By utilizing the synaptic responses of the brain's neural network, the Black Forest is able to achieve distributive processing capabilities to the human mind. In this way it transcends the power of the brain.

There have been three major Black Forest experiments:

1. The rudimentary live subject tests during Fragment's beta testing (2007)
In this scenario, the Black Forest's prototype version (codename: Clarke) was used. It was a singular black forest interface based in San Diego. This proved to be very disastrous. Subjects showed continuous symptoms even after being disconnected from the network. To avoid legal consequences, this method of testing was halted.

2. MCC San Diego Experiments (2022)
Prisoners on death row in the Metropolitan Correctional Centre of San Diego were given the option to erase their death sentence upon participation, and life sentences were mitigated for participants as well. Regardless, irreversible damage was caused to some prisoners' psyches. More detailed information can be read in the Black Forest Reports.

3. VERSUS: The World (2025)
Users of the fighting game VERSUS: The World were subjected to mild RD frequencies in order to test for Planck acceleration detected by Neurogoggles mk.V. This experiment was halted by the doubleware Tokio Kuryu.

IV) In the case of TANAGAMI TOUHA

age: 17 (10)
A cryogenic patient officially pronounced dead in 2015. Upon soul digitalizing his consciousness into the PC body "Hermit," he was given partial access to the Black Forest through the "Black Stick," essentially a single brain's processing power. The Black Stick was able to modify the game world with ease as witnessed in the 2022 Bloody Christmas event, in which Tanagami created a Pariah Server and temporarily connected all logged in users to the Black Forest. Beyond physical changes, the Black Stick was also able to pull up private information of users with ease, so long as it was associated with the person who made the PC and it existed on the internet, the Black Stick was able to render this info in The World. In this sense, the Black Forest would be capable of turning the Net "inside out" so to speak, in that it can bring all private encrypted information to light in a matter of seconds.

V) In the case of YURI KAZINSKY SETO

name: Yuri Kazinsky Seto
age: 47


In 2023 Yuri Seto utilized the power of the Black Forest in an event that destroyed the framework of The World R:X at a fundamental level. By unleashing his psycho-suggestive virus "The Rats," he propagated it with the power of the Black Forest and later unleashed the equivalent of a DDoS attack on a server-wide scale that caused irreparable damage on The World R:X. It was observed here that