How’s it been? I’m fine. I’m just sort of on the run, fearing for my life. You know. The usual.

I hope my last report made it to you okay. You understand my need for secrecy, of course. That’s why this one has been hand-delivered to you, courtesy of our good friends at the Japanese postal service.

Anyway, kid. Listen carefully:

You’re doubleware, so naturally you’re of extra importance to Mama. I’ll explain to you why and let you know what you’re up against here. This is going to be kind of boring, but bear with it.

Mama was founded in 1989 by Dominique de Mirabeau, et al. on the basis that they would carry out the thesis of her 1986 work, “On the Comprehensive Effect of Mankind on the Environment of the Earth,” claiming that the only way to save the planet from the prognosis given by climate change scientists would be to somehow cease all human activity. Pretty fanatical stuff, if you ask me.

Anyway, amongst their founding members included Sibyl Green, founder of ALTIMIT, Veronica Bain, president and founder of CC Corp, and the infamous Emma Wieland. This is stuff I mentioned in my last report. Here’s my hypothesis: these people want to digitize all of humanity. I’ll tell you why and how.

There are a few reasons I have to believe in this, the first being an event you and I both know quite intimately: Immortal Dusk, which was triggered by the vagrant AI, Geist. I think they orchestrated that event and used you as the test subject in order to measure the capabilities of a doubleware and counter Outer Dependency Syndrome. It was a success, at least enough as they needed.

Second: while I was employed by CC Corp and the NAB in 2023, I learned of a quantum computer that simulates the human brain called the Black Forest. I believe they intend to use this as a server of sorts to store humanity. You see, while I was investigating Yuri Seto I found out that he propagated his virus through this same classification of quantum computer—the one in California specifically. Guess who owned it? ALTIMIT. Guess who that was founded by? Sibyl Green. Guess what else she founded? Mama. I know, it’s twisted, but it gets worse.

Seto also knew about ALGOS’ virtual monitoring system, and the only way that could’ve happened is if one of the programmers at ALGOS was leaking info. It seems like Bain was conducting human experiments on prisoners sentenced to the Black Forest, going through trial and error tests to observe the limits of Real Digitalize. She also subleased the computer to Seto, and let him run amok with it to observe its power to propagate desire. Basically: she orchestrated the whole thing as some large-scale experiment, and it seems that this is the way Mama rolls—without getting their hands dirty.

In recent years Mama has split into two factions; there are those who follow Veronica Bain and intend to use the decrepit RA Plan my old friend Amagi came up with. They want to create Aura 2 and use her power to initiate something like Immortal Dusk on a humongous scale. The problem here is that the RA Plan can only create a replica, despite being a plan to “restore” Aura. The real Aura is capable of infinite logistical patterns and can adapt to hundreds of millions of personalities. This is something only made possible by Harald Hoerwick’s black box that was and still is decades ahead of its time.

Luckily, the missing piece is located in the 13th Bansyoya File that I recovered with a little help from our good friend Amagi.

The thing is, the file is infected by AIDA. If this faction of Mama goes through with it anyway, we’ve got no idea what will happen. Don’t worry—I’ve put it in the care of a trusted colleague.

The second faction believes in the holy scripture of Emma Wieland. Or Erna Uhlenhuth. I don’t know, whatever. The point is: they treat the word of THE EPITAPH OF TWILIGHT as law. The specifics of their operation is to reintroduce the original Aura to The World, which will somehow trigger the apocalypse. Again, I don’t really know—I wasn’t able to locate Genius in time to find out exactly what he did to The World that gives Mama such a hard-on, but the point is we don’t want to find out by watching it unfold in front of our HMDs, ya know? Anyway, both are frothing at the mouth to get some form of Aura into The World, and it’s all tied to whatever switch Genius turned on. What you have to do is stop both sides from attaining any form of her.

While Mirabeau is confirmed dead, Wieland is still out there. No one knows where she is. I haven’t been able to find even the slightest hint. I think there’s only one person who would know, but that guy’s been AWOL since at least 2021.

Anyway, I don’t really know what I’m doing anymore. I’m out of work, running for my life, and at this point I’m even questioning if what Mama is doing is inherently wrong. We need to solve the carbon crisis, and soon. If it’s not the nukes that end us, it’ll be the atmosphere itself that decides its had enough. In any case, I want to find Emma Wieland and ask her myself what the truth of all of this is. At that point I figure I’ll write some exposé paper on Mama, then retire to the German countryside with Lilie. It’ll be super secret, and no one will know where I am, I won’t have an internet connection, a landline, or even a Nintendo system. That shining image of peace is all that’s keeping me going at this point.

For now, I think I’ll search for that guy I mentioned earlier.
You doubleware are in danger. If you know any others, I suggest you team up. There’s a cyber-war coming and as usual, Tokio, you’re the hero!

Sogabe Ryuji